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Getting to the Bottom of Human Rights

Senior law lecturer Peter Halstead has seen his latest book, ‘Unlocking Human Rights’, published as part of part of Hodder and Stoughton’s series of ‘Unlocking’ legal topics for students.

Mr Halstead, who has worked at the University of Gloucestershire for more than six years, wrote the book following his previously published ‘Key Facts’ books for human rights and jurisprudence or legal theory, and a ‘Key Cases’ book for human rights is also just about to be published.

‘Unlocking Human Rights’ starts by advising students how to tackle human rights essay questions and scenarios, as the skills needed are a little different from those required for ‘black letter’ law subjects such as contract and crime.

The introductory chapter provides a wide-ranging introduction to rights, and the following two chapters explain the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act. The final chapter covers other continental regional rights regimes, and the rest of the book explains the individual articles of the Convention – right to life, freedom of thought, prohibition of discrimination and so on.

Mr Halstead, who lives in Tewkesbury, added: “The Unlocking books are very popular with students as they contain a variety of text, cases examples, treaty extracts, general activities, quizzes, summaries, advice about further reading and resources, combining to form comprehensive coverage of the subject matter. They make excellent books to use in a workshop environment such as the law department uses for options.”

Source: The University of Gloucestershire

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