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Political Bigots now and then at Chorley's on Thursday 27th May

‘Squibs’ political cartoons of Gloucester come up for sale at Chorley’s on 27th May 

Chorley’s are to offer a selection of prints of political cartoons for sale on May 27th 2010 just weeks after the election.  Relating to elections in Gloucester and dating from 1876-1887 these lambaste some of the figures of the day.

In the Victorian era politicians were held in equally low regard to our current political masters.  ‘Squibs’ - satirical and grotesque political cartoons which poked fun at political figures were a feature of the political landscape in a time before Twitter. 

The most interesting example is addressed: ‘To the Scum of the Earth / Ye “Boozers” and “Blackguards” (Especially of the Barton and South Wards)’.  It goes on to state ‘It’s quite true as one of us did call you “The Scum of The Earth” but it was said in the heat of Passion and Political Hexcitement……There’s plenty of Better Men than us as is willing to Perform the Duties of the Hoffice, but perhaps they won’t be quite so Pig-headed (bigotted) as we are’.  

In one of the biggest political pratfalls in recent history Gordon Brown called a woman a ‘bigot’ while still being recorded by a microphone.  This was a schoolboy error in an era when politicians every move is followed by the world’s press.  

It is a stunning example of how little has changed in the political landscape in over 130 years!  Estimated at £50-70 this group will be sure to catch the eye of local historians and political enthusiasts alike.

For further information please contact Thomas Jenner-Fust at Chorley’s on 01452 344499 or

Viewing days:Tuesday 25th May 9am -7pm                                          
                    Wednesday 26th May 9am - 7pm

Sale: Thursday 27th May 10.30 am

Prinknash Abbey Park, Gloucestershire, GL4 8EX

Telephone 01452 344499

Source: IONA PR

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