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Has anybody got a disused Railway Station wanting a good home?

Broadway Station in the 1960sThe GWR want to replace Broadway Station

The Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway are well under way in their plan to restore the line from Winchcombe to Broadway and as part of that plan they intend to find a relacement station at Broadway for the one that was demolished in the 1960's.
They have therefore launched a national hunt and volunteers have drawn up a list of disused station buildings.

"Restoring Broadway Station is monumental task but we are determined to restore it's atmosphere" said GWR spokesman Ian Crowder.


A replacement signal box has already been secured. It is a Grade II listed building from Exminster in Devon which is currently being stored at Winchcombe.

Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway
Restoration and Archiving Trust

How about buying the former

How about buying the former station house at Betchworth (currently for sale at £255,000)?

How about Henley in Arden on

How about Henley in Arden on the North Warwickshire Line as this is the right type of building for the line. If not why not just build a replica of the old one as the foundations are there and the building could be taylored to today use.

Obvious choice is the local

Obvious choice is the local Bourton on the Water station.

This opens up the exciting possibility of travelling from Bourton to Monmouth via Toddington...

Any spare GWR Pagoda buildings for Laverton?

[...] Has anybody got a

[...] Has anybody got a disused Railway Station wanting a good home? The Cotswolds Festival of Steam [...]

There is a platform in situ

There is a platform in situ at Wednesbury Town Station site which is the seventh picture on the following link, the author says it appears to be in excellent condition! It may not be a station building but its a start!

Also there seems to be alot of material at the Studly and Astwood Bank Station that may be of use.

In response to Tim Potts post

In response to Tim Potts post about Tettenhall Station. I am aghast at the idea that you would like to rip it down and replace in somewhere else and Wombourn too. I found this post purely by accident on google.....I'm horrified! Tettenhall station is carefully maintained and used by rangers for the railway's new use as nature reserve. I believe there are big plans for this to be expanded to the good of the local community and environment.

Tettenhall station is staying here, in Tettenhall where it was built, where it is meant to be, where it is loved by local residents, used by local people and protects the old line....hands off Tim Potts.

Hi, Have you ever looked at

Have you ever looked at some of the station buildings on the ex-GWR main line which ran through Tettenhall, Wombourne, linked up with Baggeridge Colliery and eventually made its way to Stourbridge? There are some amazing buildings along this route. Currently, Tettenhall Station is being used as a nature reserve but why can't a railway such as the GWSR have it, and then replace the building with a tin shed? There is also original fencing and platform facing here too. Also, Wombourne station is currently being used as a tearoom. Another example of a fine building, going to waste. Why cant both of these buildings be taken down brick-by-brick, and reassembled on the GWSR? At least they would be used for what they were intended for, currently they are wasted where they stand now.

Please see:

Then click on 'Tettenhall' and 'Wombourn'. Scroll down to the bottom of each page and click 'Page 2'. This will take you to some images of the station buildings.

If it is possible to move these buildings, please do. Like I said, they are wasted in their current position. The GWSR is a fantastic line and I would love someday to see it go all the way to Stratford! I do hope these buildings wont go to waste like Wolverhampton Low Level has.

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