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Young Creative Talent excel again.....

On Tuesday 26 June Chipping Sodbury Town Hall played host to the Rotary Club's Young Innovator Competition.

The annual awards, sponsored by three local businesses (1) are open to up to 16 and up to 19 year olds from local schools and celebrate outstanding young talent.
Cash prizes were awarded for the best work in six categories (2) with all entries being closely scutinised by expert judges in their class.

Judges, including representatives from sponsors Indesit and Rolls-Royce, were impressed by all of the work displayed and made comment that it was of the highest quality they had seen in the competition.

The winner (3) of the Young Innovator category, Gavin Woodruff from Chipping School, designed a system to light up a flight of stairs during dark conditions. His invention incorporated pressure pads for use when you don't want to or are unable to use conventional lighting. 

The winner of the Senior Product Design, Hannah Lloyd, also from Chipping Sodbury School, presented a popcorn inspired design; a tight fitting leotard with striking red stripes, bunched up fabric to represent popcorn, and a pleated striped skirt.

Ben Allen from Winterbourne Academy, winner of the category attracting most entries, Photography, explored the use of different types of colour including pastels and black and white and centred on coastal areas and areas of open water.

Event organiser and Rotarian John Berridge commented, ‘this was another very successful event marked out by the developing competence of the students year on year. The quality of the work displayed says everything about the young people and a lot about the quality of the teaching they receive, which also deserves our recognition'.

Previous winners Roxanne Pollard and James Theophilus have gone on to compete successfully at regional, national and international competitions and Roxanne now works for local company Renishaw, this clearly demonstrates the crucial role this competition plays.

1. Rolls-Royce, Indesit and Renishaw

2. Categories: Young Inventor (19yrs); Product Design (16 yrs); Textile Technology (16 yrs); Food Technology (16 yrs); Photography (19 yrs); Open class for up to 19 years Senior Product Design

3. Winners and runners up: (Chipping Sodbury School unless otherwise indicated)
Young Innovator
1st Place Gavin Woodruff
2nd Place Oliver Scull
3rd Place Gareth Barnaby
Special Award Matthew Hunter
Textile Technology
1st Place Hannah Eacott
2nd Place Bethany Jo Molyeneux
3rd Place Jade Bishop
Food Technology
1st Place Carrie-Ann Wilson
2nd Place Nicole Skidmore
3rd Place Eleanor Windram
Product Design
1st Place Felix King
2nd Place Charlotte Day
3rd Place Tresta Mansfield
1st Place Ben Allen (Ridings Federation, Winterbourne Academy)
2nd Place Isabelle King
3rd Place Matthew Carter
Senior Product Design
1st Place Hannah Lloyd
2nd Place Jessica Randall
3rd Place Zoe McNeill

Source: The Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury.


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