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First food waste collections in Cotswolds

Cooked and uncooked food waste was collected for composting for the first time by Cotswold District Council’s contractor SITA today (Tuesday, 11th March).

Householders who live in and around the villages of Birdlip, Cowley and Coberley were the first in the Cotswold District to have their waste collected under the Council’s new waste service today.

Their food waste will now be turned into compost along with their garden waste at a special new facility called an In Vessel Composter.

Waste transfer station in Love Lane, Cirencester“We are very encouraged by today’s first collections under the new service arrangements,” said Cotswold District Council Waste Manager Scott Williams.

“By and large, they demonstrated that the residents of Birdlip, Cowley and Coberley understand both how and why the waste service is changing. With the help of residents, we are confident we will be able to reduce landfill waste by up to a quarter and significantly increase the proportion of their rubbish that is either recycled or composted.”
The new service consists of:

  • A weekly collection of food waste for composting
  • An optional charged-for weekly collection of garden waste for composting
  • A new fortnightly collection of card and cardboard for recycling
  • The continuation of the current fortnightly collection of paper, glass, cans/tins and empty aerosol cans for recycling
  • The collection of non-recyclable waste fortnightly in grey wheeled bins or in Council-supplied beige bin bags

The delivery of wheeled bins or beige refuse bags and re-useable cardboard sacks for the new service, along with information packs and collection calendars, will begin across the whole of the rest of the Cotswold District next Monday (17th March).

The Council is aiming to make the first collections under the new waste service throughout the District during the week beginning Monday, 21st April.

“These are major changes to the way we collect household waste, so we are trying to make information and advice as widely available as possible,” added Mr Williams.

“Information roadshows are being held across the District, the Council’s website includes answers to dozens of frequently asked questions and a special Waste Hotline has also been set up on 01285 623123.” 

The current free fortnightly collection of garden waste will stop when the new waste service is introduced across the District from 21st April. Anyone who has not yet indicated that they want to pay for the garden waste service can still do so by visiting or by calling the Council’s waste hotline on 01285 623123.

Thousands of residents have already paid for the new weekly garden waste collection service, which costs £30 for an annual licence for a green garden waste wheeled bin or £30 for a supply of 50 brown paper garden waste sacks.

Residents who have paid for the use of a green garden waste wheeled bin under the new service should receive their garden waste bin licence by early April. Residents who have paid for brown paper garden waste sacks and have asked for them to be delivered should start to receive them shortly.

Source: Cotswold District Council

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