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Cheltenham artist Dan’s daily daub is an inspiration

Cheltenham artist, Dan Young has started on a quest to produce a painting every day for the next 12 months.

The art technician and short course leader who works at the University of Gloucestershire, has produced over 60 mini oil paintings of still life objects that have a relevance to his day since he began his project on 24 November

Dan Young in his studioDan Young in his studioPainted on a white background, the 16cm x 12cm pictures to date include tubes of paint, liquorice allsorts, a half-eaten biscuit, a scrap of wallpaper, a SIM card and a Brussel sprout created on Christmas day.

And Dan hopes to inspire others to make time every day to do something that is important to them.

"It is an interesting discipline which forces me to find the time to do something I love on a regular basis. I think it is important when modern life demands so much of us that we find time for ourselves and the things we get enjoyment and satisfaction from," said Dan.

Rich tea biscuit by Dan YoungRich tea biscuit by Dan YoungStorage is not a problem for the artist, as each painting is posted daily on his online blog, and then sold to the highest bidder on Ebay.

Dan graduated in fine art painting from the University of Gloucestershire in 1997, and completed an MA in computer art in 2005. He has exhibited in London, Manchester and Cheltenham and lists his other work on his website at

Source: University of Gloucestershire


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